Eyes On Wheels Motorcycle Patrol
Volunteer Riders for Safe Public Events
What is Eyes On Wheels?
Eyes On Wheels is an organization of volunteer motorcyclists who are dedicated to increasing the safety of vulnerable road users during public events, including cyclists, runners, and walkers. Our volunteers are proud to support non-profit organizations such as the American Diabetes Association and the American Lung association, along with famous local events like the Hood To Coast and Cascade Lakes relays. Want to know more? Contact us today!
A Unique Experience
What do volunteer riders most often have to say about riding with Eyes On Wheels?

     "It's unlike anything you've ever done before."

When you have the opportunity to ride along Portland's waterfront in the early morning, on Highway 30 alongside runners in the afternoon, and forest backroads in the fading sunlight, all in one day, you soon realize why Eyes On Wheels is an organization volunteers return to ride with year after year.
Make A Difference
Our volunteers know that their presence on the road has a measurable impact for the participants we support. But don't take our word for it — let the participants tell you themselves! Volunteer motorcyclists have a positive influence on the people we support, whether it's by riding alongside them in the rain, asking if they need water in the heat, or a source of reassurance riding by in the night. Eyes On Wheels volunteers make a difference!
A Place for Everyone
Do you ride a dirt bike? A loud and proud Harley? A trike? An electric motorcycle? Or maybe a moped? No matter your ride, we have a place for you!

Have some miles behind you, but still fairly new to riding? Not a problem. Are you an experienced rider looking for a new challenge? We have something for you, too.

Any and all vehicles and experience levels are welcome to volunteer. Contact us today, and learn how you can volunteer at one of our supported events!
Variety of Events
If you're eager to discover a fascinating way to enjoy a unique experience atop a motorcycle, and to make a difference for countless walkers, runners, and cyclists along the way, you've found your next adventure. From the beaches of Pacific City to the streets of Portland, and with opportunities for miles of gravel, highway, and backcountry roads in between, get ready to volunteer in ways you've never imagined before. Come volunteer with us!
About Us
We at Eyes On Wheels believe in the power of good people doing good things together. Good people doing good things makes our communities safer, more energetic, and encourages people to give back. Most community organizations see a wide variety of backgrounds in their volunteers. It just so happens that Eyes On Wheels is a collection from various motorcycle communities, encompassing dirt, street, casual, Iron Butt, and numerous brand-related riders..

We have all joined forces to provide mobile observation during several of Oregon's most beloved and well-known events.

Volunteer with Eyes On Wheels!
Interested in volunteering with us? Email us for more information. We'd love to hear from you!

Are you an event organizer who would like to have Eyes On Wheels riders help at your next event? Please contact us directly.