2023 Season Wrap-up

First I’d like to thank everyone who participated in Eyes On Wheels patrols this year.  We fielded patrol teams for Reach The Beach, Cascade Lakes Relay, and Portland to Coast (west side of HTC).  If you didn’t participate in this year’s patrols consider doing so in 2024.  We’ll be posting information on our website as we finalize our plans. Here are some season statistics:

Total Riders Participating (some rode two or more events):  34

Total Patrol Miles Ridden (all three events): 9,060 miles

We had 28 riders patrolling for Hood To Coast.  Because of this great turnout we gave each team of two riders a smaller patrol area and provided rovers to support and backup the patrol teams.  This was our best staffed patrol since 2019. We plan to expand our Cascade Lakes Relay patrol to include several more legs.  We’ll need more riders in 2024 than we have had in the past.  The event is a lot of fun and includes Friday dinner and lodging paid for by Eyes On Wheels.  Many of the riders are repeat participants which tells me people enjoy participating.  

A few more riders for HTC could allow us to add rovers making them more effective with a smaller patrol area to oversee.  This is our premier event.  The appreciation we get from race participants is proof that we have a positive impact on the race.  Here are some runner/walker comments from HTC.

Have a great autumn.  Get in some fair weather riding before the rain comes in October.  And Ride Safe!

– Gary